Ten Minute Sabbatical

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Click the puzzle for a full-size, interactive version.

Note: The answer grid will include every letter of the alphabet.


History shows that science fares best when it is responsive to skepticism, not insulated from it. Building a less paternalistic, more inclusive dialogue between science and citizens is crucial for informed, democratic governance.

Stephen Hilgartner, Sheila Jasanoff, and J. Benjamin Hurlbut, in a recent opinion piece in Science titled “Was ‘Science’ Really on the 2020 Ballot?” that suggests the folly in lumping Americans into pro-science and anti-science factions (February 26

Part of this training is to help judges be able to distinguish between real science and junk science, and whether or not certain experts have the knowledge and qualification to testify to the opinions they intend to give.

—Missouri Supreme Court Judge Zel Fischer, who also serves as president of the national Courts and Sciences Institute, speaking about that organization’s receipt of a federal grant to train nearly 60 state judges on the science of the COVID-19 pandemic (February 22)

1. Providing wellness, as a treatment
5. Sources of venom along the Nile
8. Proverbial unit of prevention
9. Vial in a hospital
11 Where mayflies may mate
12 Bony socket of the eye
14 Predators breeding in series
15 Cactus bearing glochids
18 Where littoral events occur
20 Chiropteran’s haunt, idiomatically
22 Malleus, incus, or stapes
23 Atomic element 54
24 Contents of many IV bags
25 Device for examining ear canals  


1. Blockage Eliquis is meant to prevent
2. Tinnitus sensation
3. Helping to remedy a malady
4. Brand name for sildenafil
6. Young domestic pigeon
7. Laurel with aromatic leaves (2 wds.)
10. Preventive healthcare
13.. Relief agency founded by Clara Barton (2 wds.)
16. Name associated with an experimental oil
17. UFO’s tail section?
19. Genus comprising geese
21. Site of the tibiofemoral joint


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